And The Stalking / Harassment Saga Continues

Dearest friends, family, and followers:

As many of you are probably aware, I was finally able to get a preliminary order of protection against William J. Green for his actions against me, and will be headed to court again at the beginning of September to make this order permanent.

Even though the order I have prohibits Mr. Green from contacting me AT ALL, until I issued the following tweet recently:

he continued to contact me by retweeting tweets that mentioned me, in violation of the order.

Since that tweet, he has started a new tactic to stalk and harass me. I have blocked all of his accounts of which I am aware, so  he is now following those who follow me and with whom I interact on twitter in order to monitor my behavior on Twitter through my conversations with those individuals.

If you would like to see if he is following you, search your followers list for any of the names below*:

Twitter accounts:

You are free to interact or not interact with any of his personas (you can find more of them here) as you wish, but it would be my suggestion that you block him and refrain from any interaction.

Till next time,

– H

Safe Abortion in Nepal

Amazing to hear how ACCESS to SAFE ABORTION CARE has nearly halved Nepal’s maternal mortality rate. It’s a lesson that many countries should take to heart.

Kumari: A Feminist

safe abortion

Whenever I represent Nepal as youth delegate in any conferences or workshops I always share the great achievement Nepal’s government made in Women’s Health i.e. legalizing Abortion. For many years, women in Nepal had experienced strictest abortion laws in the world. Do you know once in Nepal to end unwanted pregnancies, women endured illegal and unsafe abortions and sentenced lengthy prison for abortion-related “CRIMES.” At that time Nepal had one of the highest maternal mortality rates in Asia and there were more visits in health facilities for abortion related complications.

Well Nepal government then made a remarkable change in law by legalizing abortion and offering abortion services in public hospitals in 2002. Three cheers for this as women got safe choice to end unintended pregnancies in safe sites. The law has enabled women’s rights to control over and decide on their unintended pregnancies.

Abortion is legal in Nepal on…

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Unpaid Interns: An Apology

OMG. YES YES YES YES – a thousand times yes to everything in this post. Thank you, Erin.

Erin Matson

I regret having supervised unpaid interns while working at a previous employer, and would like to apologize. I’m truly sorry. Free labor is exploitative and exclusionary. I’m writing about it now in hopes that it will spark others to change.

During the course of more than three years at a progressive non-profit organization, I worked with dozens upon dozens upon dozens of unpaid interns. I selected and directly supervised about a fifth of the interns in the office. Supervising unpaid interns means that I was complicit in a modern employment system that is elitist, racist and treats workers in a horrifyingly bad way. Rather than name and further exploit the interns I supervised, who were all somewhere on the continuum between pretty great and really great, I would simply like to acknowledge that if you’re reading this, I can see your faces in my mind, I think you’re awesome, and…

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You Say Potato, I Say Threatening and Creepy

Don’t know how I missed this, but UBER F-ING CREEPY!


One of the more notorious former Planned Parenthood employees who is now making a living off being a former Planned Parenthood employee has started a new ministry. Here she is, standing outside of a clinic where abortions (among other things) are provided, with a sign advertising that project:

and then there were none sign

When I saw this photo on Twitter, I got chills.

I’m not exaggerating. I had an immediate, visceral reaction. Given the history of assassinations, bombings, and other violence against the staff and volunteers who work at abortion clinics, I see a sign like this and I see a threat.


And Then There Were None was the American title for one of Agatha Christie’s better-known mysteries. [The book’s original title used a singularly offensive, racist epithet from a nursery rhyme. In the U.S., that title was modified to be offensive in a way I suppose they felt was more culturally “appropriate” for…

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WTF OTD: Restaurant Uses Drink Name to Make Light of Domestic Violence


Photo by zoyowang

This piece is part of a daily “What the Fuck of the Day” series here on Antigone Awakens, where I briefly discuss one thing each day that has me seriously saying, WTF?!?!

I saw a picture in my Facebook feed today, and it was egregious enough that I felt it deserved a space in my WTF OTD.

It seems that the 44 1/2 Restaurant in NYC’s Hell’s Kitchen prides itself on coming up with celebrity inspired drink names:


Photo courtesy @alisonturkos

If you look about 5 drinks up, you’ll notice the drink that had my blood pressure skyrocketing. It’s called the “Bloody Rihanna.”

I can’t imagine it would EVER be okay to make light of someone’s personal troubles through a drink name (which means I’m not okay with the Britney Breakdown, either – also, Lady Gaga’s Guava Stick? Umm…), but when 1 in 4 US women will be the victim of intimate partner violence in her lifetime, and when 1.3 MILLION US women are abused each year, to name a drink after a survivor of domestic violence as a joke?


Making light of domestic violence and domestic violence survivors is not cute, it’s not funny, and it is NEVER okay.

h/t to @alisonturkos for this story

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Is sex only for the well to do?

Fantastical post…absolutely fantastical.

More Notes From the Refrigerator Door

It’s been a while since a political /social studies rant. Here we go, on random recent events (One, epic length post versus me getting worked up on a more regular basis. Kind of like a cork, under pressure, that finally pops, and then, peace and bubbly for all.  Understand that the “YOU” and “I” and “WE” is of the royal variety; I am not picking on any one person, but if the hat fits your head…)

Non-pro-choice  is a form of misogyny, to be sure. But what about these thoughts, as well?

HETROSEXUAL relations are the cause of ALL Abortion, bar NONE (well, ok, add IVF as a cause of pregnancy, but most people are planning that occurrence).  That’s right, boys. You put your pecker where babies happen, and viola, pregnancy. No gay couple can pull that one off.

What is the rate of married women having abortion? What is…

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Ask Governor Chris Christie to Support A3371 and Put an End to Conversion Therapy


Guest post by @brazenqueer

I was raised in a conservative, fundamentalist Christian household.

From as early as I can remember, it was made clear to me that being queer was a sin, and that those who chose such a lifestyle were destined for hell.

Imagine my surprise then when, at the age of 13, I fell in love with my best friend. A girl.

I was terrified.

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