Safe Abortion in Nepal

Amazing to hear how ACCESS to SAFE ABORTION CARE has nearly halved Nepal’s maternal mortality rate. It’s a lesson that many countries should take to heart.

Kumari: A Feminist

safe abortion

Whenever I represent Nepal as youth delegate in any conferences or workshops I always share the great achievement Nepal’s government made in Women’s Health i.e. legalizing Abortion. For many years, women in Nepal had experienced strictest abortion laws in the world. Do you know once in Nepal to end unwanted pregnancies, women endured illegal and unsafe abortions and sentenced lengthy prison for abortion-related “CRIMES.” At that time Nepal had one of the highest maternal mortality rates in Asia and there were more visits in health facilities for abortion related complications.

Well Nepal government then made a remarkable change in law by legalizing abortion and offering abortion services in public hospitals in 2002. Three cheers for this as women got safe choice to end unintended pregnancies in safe sites. The law has enabled women’s rights to control over and decide on their unintended pregnancies.

Abortion is legal in Nepal on…

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