On “Moving Elsewhere” from Somone Who Did

As someone who never felt at home in her own flyover state (but who has at many times been subject to counseling and cajoling to move back there), this post definitely resonates with me.

I currently live in a blue part of a rather purple state, and I feel like I can really do some good here in terms of protecting women’s reproductive health. I won’t lie, however, and say that part of me stays here because of how blue my current area is (well, minus the mind-boggling actions of a nearby zoning committee last week), which makes me feel just a tad bit guilty. Could I be putting my organizing and wonky talents to better use in my home red state?

Nikki Liz

With the special session going on in Texas, and the thousands of women, men, and gender-non-conforming persons who have a uterus, and their partners, friends, and loved ones standing up for the right to have an abortion, many in Blue States are wondering “Why don’t they just move?”

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