WTF OTD: “When an internet activist gets more jail time than rapists… that’s when you know the world has gone to shit”


This piece is part of a daily “What the Fuck of the Day” series here on Antigone Awakens, where I briefly discuss one thing each day that has me seriously saying, WTF?!?!

The title quote comes from a close friend of mine (thanks, Kate!), and I’m sharing it because I can’t think of a better way to put it.

The member of Anonymous who helped publicize key social media events in the Steubenville rape caseDeric Lostutter, aka KYAnonymous – recently had his home raided and is now facing federal computer crimes charges in relation to his work on the case.

If convicted of those crimes, he faces up to TEN YEARS in prison. For reference, the convicted rapists in the Steubenville case, Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays received only ONE and TWO years, respectively, for their RAPE of a young woman.


Again, when an internet activist who exposes a rape gets more jail time than rapists…that’s when you know the world has gone to shit.

If you’re as pissed as I am and have a few spare coins to rub together, I encourage you to donate to @KYAnonymous’ legal defense fund, highlighted by Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) yesterday:

You can also follow along with KYAnonymous on Facebook to hear the latest news.

Till next time,

– H

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