“Pro-Life” Illusions

Awesome response to the crazy on her post http://katiespeak.com/2013/06/03/picketers-vs-patients/. You should read it (well, both of them…and pretty much anything else she writes) now.

Also, much prochoice love, Katie, for sharing the love on your blog. 😀

Thank you, Pro-Life Action League!

I always enjoy when the opposition commentary proves my point. The fixation on one sub point from my last piece – Picketers vs Patients – is just the latest example of anti-choice activists knowing their position is untenable and unpopular. They fear the truth:

They are the minority.

The “retaliation” piece for their newsletter detoured around this premise and took aim at my credentials, at a few supporting links, and eventually at my character. The male, non-medically trained author’s own lack of credentials on women’s health issues was apparent. He didn’t even attempt to refute that public opinion is on the pro-woman side and that overwhelmingly the American people find his position extreme, dangerous and entirely unsupported by science.

It was revealed via omission as the comments rolled in that even the anti-choicers themselves understand they have no protected right to be at the…

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