How Antis Show They Don’t Give A Damn About Patient Safety

Quickie post before I head out for the day:

I read this morning on LifeSiteNews (before coffee, even – yes, I know, apparently I’m a masochist) that the antis are all in a fervor that a Planned Parenthood women’s health center in Delaware has been reopened by the Delaware Department of Health.

Now, given that their complaints before were that the clinic was in violation of Delaware health regulations, one would presume that the fact that the Department of Health has investigated and found the clinic to be in compliance (or in the process of becoming compliant) to be good enough, but no. Apparently LifeSiteNews is harboring some tinfoil hat conspiracy theories that the Department of Health is in cahoots with Planned Parenthood, or else just isn’t capable of performing it’s investigatory responsibilities, and is now up in arms that clinic has allowed to be opened again.

This mirrors their reaction when a North Carolina women’s health center was shut down, then allowed to reopen (for the record, it wasn’t shut down for being “filthy, and it was shut down on a Friday and re-opened the morning of the following Tuesday).

At this point, can the antis just drop the act? We all know you don’t care if abortion care is safe. If you did, you would be working WITH advocates to promote medically indicated health and safety regulations like those in Maryland, NOT the medically UNNECESSARY regulations like the ridiculous TRAP bills in Virginia and elsewhere that shut down health centers for having the wrong type of water fountain or the wrong size janitor’s closet.

So just come right out and say it: You want all women’s health centers CLOSED; regardless of their safety record, regardless of their health and safety standards, regardless of how often they’re inspected.

Because when you call for a clinic to be investigated and shut down based on alleged health and safety violations, but then those alleged health code violations are investigated by the authorities and are found to be untrue, or are corrected, and you STILL call for the health center to be closed, that means you aren’t concerned with the safety of women. When you call for inspected and compliant women’s health centers to be closed, you push women into the arms of UNSAFE abortion providers, or you force them to attempt an abortion on their own. So stop pretending that you’re concerned with women’s safety when it’s clear you’re not.

Till next time,

– H

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