WTF OTD: Consent to a Picture is NOT Consent to Sex


This piece is part of a daily “What the Fuck of the Day” series here on Antigone Awakens, where I briefly discuss one thing each day that has me seriously saying, WTF?!?!

WTF?! Did I seriously just have to type that?

Apparently I did. Because I came across this article today, in which TMZ’s rape apologists make some inferences that what happened to the survivor in this case against Jose Canseco couldn’t possibly have been rape because, just look – here she is posing and smiling with him for a picture just a few hours before the alleged rape.

[insert stream of profanity here]


I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to say this, but until everyone on the planet understands it, I guess I’m going to keep saying it: The ONLY thing that makes sex with another person okay is if that other person SAYS YES TO SEX WITH YOU. Saying no doesn’t make it okay, staying silent doesn’t make it okay, and posing for a photo with you sure as hell doesn’t make it okay.

So can we stop with the slut-shaming and victim-blaming, like NOW?

Till next time,

– H

p.s. If you’re in the DC area and wanting to take a stand against slut-shaming and victim-blaming, I highly encourage you to participate in this year’s SlutWalk DC (if you’re not in the DC area, just google SlutWalk and your nearest city to find a SlutWalk near you). I participated last year, and I’m on the organizing committee this year, and it promises to be smashing the patriarchy blast of a day.

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