Call on Representative Franks to Follow House Rules Committee Witness Disclosure Statements


While working on a blog post to be released on Monday about HR1797, I found a tidbit that I though might be of interest to my readers, and to those interested in the Procedural Rules of the House of Representatives.

If you look closely at the hearings page related to HR1797 of the Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice of the Committee on the Judiciary, you’ll notice that each of the witnesses has a “Truth In Testimony” disclosure document beneath their name…each witness, that is, except for Ms. Jill Stanek. The reason for this document is House Rule XI 2(g)(5), which states:

Each committee shall, to the greatest extent practicable, require witnesses who appear before it to submit in advance written statements of proposed testimony and to limit their initial presentations to the committee to brief summaries thereof. In the case of a witness appearing in a nongovernmental capacity, a written statement of proposed testimony shall include a curriculum vitae and a disclosure of the amount and source (by agency and program) of each Federal grant (or subgrant thereof) or contract (or subcontract thereof) received during the current fiscal year or either of the two previous fiscal years by the witness or by an entity represented by the witness. Such statements, with appropriate redactions to protect the privacy of the witness, shall be made publicly available in electronic form not later than one day after the witness appears.

It is now after 10:00pm on the day after Ms. Stanek testified, and her disclosure has still not been made publicly available. I wonder when Representative Franks,  will be rectifying this violation of House rules?

Actually, I think perhaps we should all ask him directly, don’t you?

You can contact Chairman Trent Franks at (202) 225-4576 or on Twitter at @RepTrentFranks and ask him to immediately make Ms. Jill Stanek’s Truth in Testimony document publicly available in electronic form as required by House Rule XI 2(g)(5).

Till next time,

– H

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