How Planned Parenthood DIDN’T Cover Up Child Rape

Photo courtesy Planned Parenthood.

Photo courtesy Planned Parenthood.

The fact that I even have to write this post makes me stomach turn, but since antis seem to be running with this story, I thought I’d do some investigative digging and disabuse them (and the world) of the notion that Planned Parenthood conspires to cover up the sexual abuse of minors.

In this particularly awful case, an eleven year old girl in Washington state was raped and impregnated by her stepfather.  When the perpetrator discovered her pregnancy, he told her she needed to have an abortion and took her to a Planned Parenthood clinic to obtain one. At the clinic, the girl told staff that she had a 14-year-old boyfriend who had impregnated her, and told them that she wished to have an abortion, which Planned Parenthood workers performed.

If you get your news from LifeNews, National Right to Life News, or Brietbart, you, unfortunately, would have the impression that Planned Parenthood workers knew that the young girl was being abused, and did nothing about it.

Nothing, however, could be further from the truth.

While antis such as LifeNews, NRL, Breitbart, and Lila Rose are keen on attempting to convince the American public that Planned Parenthood works to hide the abuse of minors, this case shows us the truth of such incidents.

In Washington state, minors are permitted to obtain abortion services without parental notification or consent. So Planned Parenthood performing this termination was not a violation of ANY state or federal law. Though many antis have since stepped up to claim that Planned Parenthood should have informed the girl’s parents, doing so would have violated HIPAA. Under HIPAA, parents do NOT have access to minor’s medical records regarding procedures where state law (either case-law or legislation) give minors the right to make medical decisions.

What Planned Parenthood DID do, however, was what they were required to do under Washington state law as mandated reporters. They reported a suspected case of child abuse to Child Protective Services because, in Washington State, it is illegal for anyone to have sex with a child under the age of 12 when the perpetrator is more than 24 months older than the child. In this case, the girl was 11, and she indicated that her boyfriend was 14, causing Planned Parenthood to suspect abuse and file the report.

That right there, antis? That is Planned Parenthood NOT covering up a suspected case of child abuse.  So please to be SingTFU.CalifornicationLG

CPS then contacted the police department, who then reached out to the young girl, at which point she admitted that Mr. Gonzales-Jose (her stepfather) had been the one to impregnate her.  After pleading guilty to the rape, Mr. Gonzales was sentenced last Thursday to 80 months in prison.

It took me all of ten minutes this morning to reach out to the Whatcom County clerk’s office to obtain the records for this case. The fact that antichoice “news” organizations couldn’t be bothered to do the same before attempting to label Planned Parenthood as criminals doing something as nefarious as covering up child rape is shameful yellow journalism. But should we expect any better from them at this point?

Till next time,

– H

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3 thoughts on “How Planned Parenthood DIDN’T Cover Up Child Rape

  1. chuck

    thanks for posting this. PEOPLE doing the right thing does make a difference. in the orginal article it doesn’t mention that he was the stepfather but it could explain why “the family” didn’t cooperate. Very glad the authorities got him and out him away.

    1. Heather_R_Parker Post author

      Hello Van.

      Unfortunately, I think you might be confused as to what constitutes a “child” under US and international law. I have a post that helps explain the terms here:

      Planned Parenthood did precisely what they were required to do under the law – they provided the health care requested by a young woman, and they reported the suspected abuse of the young woman to the appropriate authorities.

      As to why they didn’t force the young woman to continue with her pregnancy while they waited to hear back from authorities as to whether or not their report would be investigated, well, that would have been medically unethical. A patient presented asking for a medical procedure, and so the doctors performed that medical procedure. Forcing someone to wait to receive medical treatment based on how quickly the legal system moved would not be very sound medical practice.


      – H


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