WTF OTD: 66% of Rhode Island Domestic Violence Cases Are Dismissed

Photo credit: European Parliament / / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: European Parliament / / CC BY-NC-ND

This piece is part of a daily “What the Fuck of the Day” series here on Antigone Awakens, where I briefly discuss one thing each day that has me seriously saying, WTF?!?!

This story popped up in my Feedly google alerts feed (side note: if y’all aren’t using Feedly, start using it, like yesterday) today, and my eyes almost fell out of my head.

TWO THIRDS of domestic violence cases in Rhode Island are dismissed. TWO THIRDS?!?!?! As a domestic violence survivor and advocate, I can’t begin to describe how troubling I find this.

And the problem isn’t just that an individual offense isn’t being prosecuted and the effect that individual denial might have on a survivor/victim’s safety. It’s that, without prior convictions, it’s difficult to show a pattern of abuse that can lead to longer sentences / protection orders that keep survivors/victims more safe.

Seriously, Rhode Island, WTF?!

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