WTF OTD: Less than 1/3 of States Require ER’s to Tell Sexual Assault Survivors About Emergency Contraception

I just came across this graphic in my feedly google alerts and

Emergency Room Requirements To OfferProvide Sexual Assault Survivors with EmergencyContraception (1)

I knew this was a problem, but I didn’t know it was this large of a problem. Only sixteen states plus DC require emergency room personnel to inform sexual assault survivors about emergency contraception, and only TWELVE plus DC require them to dispense it.

WTF kind of world are we living in where we demonize women for having abortions, but refuse to help them prevent pregnancy, even when they are sexually assaulted????

Till next time,

– H

p.s. Ohio, what’s up with you? Get your shite together. 

© Heather Parker and Antigone Awakens, 2012-2013.


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