WTF OTD ***Trigger Warning – Sexual Assault***

When I said yesterday that I thought I might have to make this a regular part of the blog, I honestly didn’t know if I’d really come across that many “quick and easy” WTF!? things to post. Boy was I ever wrong.

Enter the following graphic from the Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) group:

rapewtfotdI tried to type out my reactions to this last night, and I failed. Well, actually I didn’t fail to type – it’s just that what I typed was primarily a nonsensical string of profanity.

Today I’m still leaning towards the profanity, but I’m going to attempt to throw in a little dissection as well.

First, I’m trying to understand what AHA is trying to get at here with their allusion to Lady Justice, but I’m coming up empty. What we’ve got here is Lady Justice removing her blindfold…so, justice becoming less impartial? How would that be a good thing?

Also, I’m still trying to figure out how to tie Lady Justice to abortion, at least in the way they mean to. I entirely understand how justice is relevant to rape, and how justice is relevant to abortion rights the way I view them (hello reproductive rights and reproductive justice), but the way AHA views abortion rights, there is no justice.

Wait – that’s it! That’s why Lady Justice is removing her blindfold! AHA wants there to be no reproductive justice!

Now that we’ve got the picture figured out, let’s move on to the messaging, shall we?

First, “If Abortion is Health Care”…

Um, there’s no “If” about it. Abortion IS health care. Period. Full Stop. Fin. No matter how you try to spin things, no matter what your religious feelings on the subject, abortion is a medical procedure performed for the benefit of the patient, i.e. the woman; ergo, it is health care.

And now on to the part that really had me screaming profanities last night (and again, TRIGGER WARNING here):

“Then Rape Is Aggressive Flirting”


No, seriously. WTF is wrong with them?! Because there has to be something SERIOUSLY wrong with a group of people who would trivialize the experiences of rape survivors this way. Attempting to compare the CRIME of RAPE with FLIRTING is just….just…again, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH AHA?!?!?!

Rape is not sex, and rape is most definitely not fucking flirting. RAPE.IS.RAPE.

And abortion? Abortion is not like slavery, it is not like the Holocaust, it is not like the ridiculously rare case of conjoined twins. Abortion is like abortion. And it is health care.

So the next time you get the urge to compare the two, AHA, stop for a moment, take a step back to think….and go fuck yourselves.

Till next time,

– H

© Heather Parker and Antigone Awakens, 2012-2013.


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