WTF OTD: Urban Decay’s Mother’s Day Naked Ad

Maybe I’m having a “Heather is Sensitive” kind of day, but this just popped up in my Facebook feed, and I immediately did a double-take:

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 12.53.30 PM


That might honestly be the creepiest non-antichoice thing I’ve ever seen in my Facebook feed.

“[S]how mom how much you love her, get her Naked…”

Relax, Ladies - Your Pill Really ISN'T Making Men Sterile

First, I hope whoever wrote that copy is getting seriously reamed by their boss right now, perhaps even fired.

Second, why is it that this double entendre even crossed someone’s mind as something appropriate to put into an ad?

Way to go, Urban Decay. You’ve found a way to objectify women to sell your products without even showing a single woman. W.T.F.

© Heather Parker and Antigone Awakens, 2012-2013.


2 thoughts on “WTF OTD: Urban Decay’s Mother’s Day Naked Ad

  1. makeupwithkokerface

    Honestly, that does not even look like the real deal (or is that just me). I don’t remember the Naked palette looking like that. It seems more typical of a knock off company getting desperate and trying to sell their crap to us on ‘sale’. I bought a fake Coach bag on Black Friday this way and I am still really angry about it. bleh!


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